Our expertise:

- 2K and 3K moulds (transfer ; rotating ; core back ; index-plate);
- Multiple cavities moulds;
- Metallic insert overmoulds;
- Gas assisted moulds;
- Interchangeable moulds;
- Automatic unscrewed moulds.
Our main industry customers:

- Automotive;
- Irrigation, water, oil & gas (pipes and fittings);
- Housewares;
- Home appliances;
- Packaging;
- Electrical & Electronic appliances;
- Medical & Cosmetic.

Our goals are to satisfy the needs and expectations of our Customers, in order to ensure the success of the markets where they operate.

We develop our activity by combining solid experience and know-how, with specialised technicians, hence obtaining better prices, better delivery time, and better quality.

We have partnerships which, combined with technological surveillance, excellent management, and qualified personnel, allow for us to provide top-quality moulds manufactured in Portugal.

Possibility to present a product prototype for better analysis before the mould is manufactured, thereby preventing errors and delays in delivery.

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