Gas assisted moulding

Nitrogen Generator: SPN Series

SPN Nitrogen Generators are based on the tried and trusted PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) technology giving Nitrogen purities from 98% to 99.9%.

Gas Controller: GPC SF-2, SF-4

Mobile and versatile Cinpres’ GPCSF-2 / 4. Model of Gas Controller systems is supplied with either Two or Four independently controlled gas circuits using “state of the art” electromagnetic gas valve technology.

Gas Controller: GPC FX-1, FX-2

Cinpres’ budget entry level single or two circuit GPCFX-1 /2 Gas Controller can be mounted on the IMM base frame or platen to minimise high pressure hose lengths.

Nitrogen Compressor: GBA5

For single IMM applications running from a Bottled Nitrogen supply, Cinpres’ GBA5 Gas Booster (ADI) Air Driven Intensifier can supply 93Nl/min Nitrogen out put at 350 BarG.

Nitrogen Compressor: HPCOM T

Cinpres’ HPCOM 18T EDC (Electrical Driven Compressor) is a “true” vertical configuration reciprocating piston high pressure compressor system. The compressor block is manufactured by the world renowned J.A. Becker und Söhne GmbH & Co. Germany. With an out put flow rate of 250-300Nl/min at 350 BarG the system can supply up to 4 IMMs running GAM tools.


For larger installations Cinpres UK Limited offers the HPCOM32 EDC with and out put flow rate of 510Nl/min at 350 Barg, sufficient to run 7-8 IMMs. This horizontal configuration EDC reciprocating piston compressor also uses a J.A. Becker und Söhne GmbH & Co. motor and block.

NGS Series: Nitrogen Generator Systems

The NGS series of low pressure Nitrogen generators is based on the Pressure Swing Adsorption ‘PSA’ method of extracting oxygen from a compressed air supply to leave nitrogen of the desired purity. Compressed air at 7 BarG is passed through molecular carbon sieves which ‘adsorb’ the oxygen.
The air supply alternates between two molecular carbon sieves at a cycle time of 1.5 minutes. The sieve not in use is ‘re-generated’ for subsequent use in the next cycle.